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High-Level Conference on Climate Change and Technology
in Bergen, Norway, on 27-28 May 2009

Dear Participant,

The Norwegian Government’s conference on carbon capture and storage (CCS) was concluded on Thursday 28 May, after two intensive days in Bergen. The first day included an excursion for key political leaders to the CCS facility Sleipner in the North Sea. After their return, they engaged in a frank and open panel discussion. Fifteen participants, including prime ministers and ministers, talked about policies and strategies in a comprehensive global approach to delivering climate solutions. On the second day, an impressive collection of experts, NGOs, and representatives of business and government addressed central questions concerning CCS in-depth.

I would like to thank everyone who helped to make this event an even greater success than we had hoped for. The high-level political engagement brought CCS to the top of the climate agenda, and this, combined with the expert knowledge that was shared, gave the participants deeper insight into the various aspects of this important technology. All the participants contributed to making this conference an important step forward on the road to Copenhagen.

In the conference summary, Mr Jonas Gahr Støre, Minister of Foreign Affairs, highlighted eight key points:

1. A comprehensive approach to reducing CO2 emissions must include CCS.

2. Sustainable economic growth is possible, and CCS is a key step in the transition to a low-emission society.

3. More full-scale demonstration plants, more R&D, and a major scaling up of present CCS efforts are needed.

4. The right framework conditions must be put in place to stimulate widespread CCS deployment.

5. Transport and storage projects must minimise risks of negative impacts on the environment and human health and safety.

6. Private sector companies have a particular role to play in making CCS commercially viable.
7. CCS must be accessible for developing countries.

8. Copenhagen is a golden opportunity to explicitly include CCS as a key climate mitigation technology.

Thank you all for your contribution.





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